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A Little Donation goes a Long Way 


Having hand-delivered flowers to Nursing Homes and Hospitals around the Island for several years now, I know first hand how much these little gifts mean and what a difference they really make in so many lives.  As busy as we are, often with weddings every week, we still take the time out of our busy schedule to hand-deliver wedding florals because, it's these little moments that really make everything worth while.  


Starting this Share the Aloha Charity is one of the best parts of our job and both Erika and I take great joy in being able to make a difference in some little way, as often as we are able.  It is really an amazing experience to be able to brighten someones day, especially someone who may rarely get visitors and whom could really use a little cheer.  It's not the thank you notes that we get that make it all worthwhile, but the hugs, smiles and tears of joy from patients who never expected to get such a special surprise.  


Thank you to all our brides and grooms for your gracious donations! 


With Love and Gratitude,

Nicole Salmoiraghi

Owner, Best Day Ever Hawaii

Share the Aloha Charity

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Shriners Hospital Hawaii Donation
Shriners Hospital Hawaii
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