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Courtney & Grant Share the Aloha!

A few months ago a new bride, Courtney, contacted me through our Share the Aloha email ( and let us know she wanted to donate a huge chunk of her wedding florals to our Share the Aloha program. Courtney was not one of our clients, just a bride who wanted to bring a few smiles to those who could really use some cheering up. We were thrilled to help!

There was one problem though, I was expecting a baby right around the time her wedding was, and so I would not be able to do the pick up and drop off. Luckily we had a good friend, Allison who was able to cover. I scheduled all the details and at the end of Courtney's wedding Allision picked up the flowers at The Moana Surfrider Hotel (where Grant and Courtney tied the knot).

The next day flowers were delivered to Island Nursing home where dozens of seniors were very excited to see all the beautiful florals. The flowers stayed up in the dining area so that all the residents could enjoy the gorgeous pink and white rose and hydrangea arrangements during meals and scheduled activity times. A few arrangements were delivered down to specific seniors rooms who needed some extra cheering.

We are so thankful for Courtney and Grant for being so generous! It now about a week past your wedding date and your flowers are still being enjoyed by so many! They will probably continue to be enjoyed until the last bloom has died :) Also a big thanks to Allison for handling the delivery!

xo, Nicole

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