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Henry & Jeannie Share the Aloha!

MAHALO to Henry and Jeannie for donating all of your gorgeous wedding flowers to Share the Aloha!

Erika took a few centerpieces to The Hawaii Blood Bank so that everyone who donated blood could enjoy also these beautiful flowers, bringing lots of bright cheer to the Blood Bank!

Meanwhile, Nicole (and her two little boys - Luca and Noa), made deliveries to Island Nursing Home and Shriners Children's Hospital. The residents at Island Nursing Home were thrilled to get such "fancy" flowers! They brought lots of smiles and hugs! They could not believe that a couple who did not even know them were willing to give them such an amazing gift!

Thank you so much Henry & Jeannie! Your beautiful flowers will be enjoyed weeks after your special day and by those who really needed a cheer!

LOVE & ALOHA! Nic & Erika Best Day Ever Hawaii

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